[Python-au] Call for SyPy Meeting Presentations

Mark Rees mark.john.rees at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 00:48:53 UTC 2007


The first Thursday of every month we have a meeting. These meeting are
either formal with presentations or social, with the social ones
certainly out-numbering the presentation meetings. With the great
turn-out at the April meeting hosted by Google, I want to try and make
the presentation type happen more often. For this to happen, we need
suitable venues and individuals willing to present something.

To give everyone an opportunity to have a go, I believe we should
allow the following types of talk (definitions borrowed from OSDC
guidelines http://www.osdc.com.au), of course if you believe that your
topic could be covered in a different timeframe I am happy to consider

Lighting Talks (5 minutes)

Lightning talks are brief talks that focus on a single example, idea,
project or technique. Lightning talks are not expected to cover all
aspects of the subject. They're an excellent forum for first-time

Standard Talks (30 minutes)

This is the preferred format. 20 minutes for talking and 5 minutes for
questions (with 5 minutes spare for set-up and take-down).

Extended Talks (60 minutes)

Extended talks are ideal for experienced speakers who want to cover a
large topic. 45 minutes for talking and 10 minutes for questions (with
5 minutes spare for set-up and take-down).

So please let me know if you have something to want to talk about,
what format and the meeting months that you would be able to present.
If you are a first time speaker and want some help, I can arrange a
mentor for you.



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