[Python-au] SyPy Social Meetup Thursday 7 June 2007

Mark Rees mark.john.rees at gmail.com
Tue May 29 06:43:23 UTC 2007

On Thursday, June 7 2007 from 6:30PM, there will be a social gathering of
 Sydney Python Users Group and any individuals interested in discussing
 Python, Web, Ruby, Perl etc.
 Laptops, code review, show and tell etc allowed and encouraged.

We meet in the ground floor area next to P.J. O'Briens Pub internal entrance
 in the

Grace Hotel,
 Cnr York and King Street
 Sydney, New South Wales 2000

Please register your attendance at http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/197328
 or reply to this email.

I have been overseas working for much of the time since the last meetup, but
I promise that if I can be resident in Sydney long enough, the July meeting
will be a more formal one with presentations.



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