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Stephen Thorne stephen at netboxblue.com
Thu Apr 26 00:37:17 UTC 2007


This is an opportunity that is opening at my employer, the job details
are below.

We are also going to post this on the python job board.


NetBox Blue is seeking Python developers to work on their NetBox
Unified Threat Management appliance.

    - This is a great opportunity to join a growing team in an
      established organisation.
    - We have a variety of potential positions from junior to senior
    - You will have the chance to expand and develop your skills and
      knowledge with this experienced team.
    - This role gives you the opportunity of being considered for
      greater future responsibility and promotion within the company.

You will be based in Brisbane (Milton). Your role will be to work on
developing the NetBox product and attend to high level telephone
support calls.

Please only apply if you are allowed to work in Australia and are
prepared to work full time in our office in Milton, Brisbane,

Your key attributes will be:

    - Good communication skills.
    - Enjoy working as part of a team.
    - Self motivated.
    - Ability to pick up new concepts and technologies quickly and can
      follow development methodologies.
    - Experience in the application of object oriented development.

Other desirable attributes are:

    - Experience in Python development.
    - Detailed understanding of IP networking, and internet standards
      (HTTP, DNS, SMTP etc).
    - A university degree in information technology (or similar).
    - Experience with automated unit and system testing.
    - Experience with JavaScript.
    - Experience with C.
    - Understanding of SQL (especially PostgreSQL).
    - General experience with Linux.
    - Experience with Linux software development, including kernel
    - Have contributed to the open source community.

About NetBox Blue:

NetBox Blue provides leading solutions for the Unified Threat
Management market and has developed a range of solutions now being
used across Australia by small (less than 5 users) and large companies
(including Telstra, Qantas and NAB). With 500 companies and 50,000
individuals now relying on NetBox Blue to provide secure managed
internet access and much more, the company has entered a major growth

The company is small (12 people) but includes technology experts and
recognised business leaders (2 of the directors have independently won
Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and one set up and
grew an IT company in the UK to $125m in revenues!). This is a company
that is really going places!

NetBox Blue is committed to investing in future technology having
started Leopard Labs to provide filtering and management solutions for
mobile phones.

For further information or to apply, please visit:

Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer

Scanned by the NetBox from NetBox Blue

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