[Python-au] output of dis.dis(lambda x: x)

Jens Göpfert jens.goepfert at tracetronic.de
Wed Apr 18 09:54:55 UTC 2007

for disassembling some python code i use the dis-function of the dis-module. i need the result as a python string, but the dis-function only sends the output to stdout.
as a workaround i tried this:
import dis, cStringIO, sys
old_stdout = sys.stdout
out = cStringIO.StringIO()
sys.stdout = out
dis.dis(lambda x: x)
sys.stdout = old_stdout
after that i get the disassembled result by using out.getvalue()
until now it works for me, but its not a nice way, because i already redirect the sys.stdout in my application to a log-window, thats why i have to save the previously value of sys.stdout in old_stdout.
Does anyone has a better solution??
kind regards

Jens Göpfert - TraceTronic GmbH 
Heidelberger Straße 24
01189 Dresden
jens.goepfert at tracetronic.de 
www.tracetronic.de <http://www.tracetronic.de/>  

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