[Python-au] Writing python problems for VITTA competition

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Tue Apr 3 01:19:03 UTC 2007

	As Jacinta recently discussed (OSV, OSIA, Linux-Aus on 23rd  
February), we're looking at adding an "open source" stream to the  
VITTA (high school IT teachers) competition. Attached is a copy of  
the brochure/reference materials for last year, which includes the  
problems worked through for teachers to support students in solving  

What we need to do is translate this year's problems/instructions  
into Python/Glade. There are 3 novice problems, 3 intermediate  
problems and an open (advanced) problem. So it is entirely possible  
that people could do one or two of these each, but at the same time,  
we'd want to ensure that the coding style/instructions are consistent  
throughout, so it would probably be best to have one person lead/co- 
ordinate (a "python editor") and then a team working with that person).

These problems are not that complex so I hope it isn't too arduous a  
task to volunteer for? :-)

Please reply to Jacinta or myself if you are interested (or otherwise  
interested in helping with this effort -- lots of other work too!)

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