[Python-au] Python Papers: Submission Deadline Imminent for Volume 2

Tennessee Leeuwenburg tennessee at tennessee.id.au
Mon Jan 8 01:45:43 CET 2007

 Submission Deadline Imminent <http://pythonpapers.cgpublisher.com/diary/11> To
those who have submitted content for The Python Papers, we salute you. To
the rest, we will be accepting zero-hour submissions up until the time of
publication. However, the closer the deadline gets, the less likely it is
that submissions will be processed in time. Submissions may be kept for the
next edition, however.

This edition will also be aimed to complement the upcoming PyCon 2007. As we
offer peer-review for academic publications, we hope to offer an opportunity
to participants who might regard this as an advantage.

We would still like to hear from anyone participating in any Python User's
Group to be a spokesperson. We will feature a series of articles covering
PUGs from around the world, and it would be fantastic to show people just
how diverse, wide-ranging and interesting the Python community really is.

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