[Python-au] Looking for a job

Kingsley kingsley at maddogsbreakfast.com.au
Wed Jan 3 01:54:56 CET 2007


I'm after a new job, having just left a 4-year contract
as a technical team lead at Westpac.  I have designed many systems,
and can code competently in C,C++,Python,Perl & Java.
I have also recently done some C#, but try to stay in the UNIX
domain (or cross-platform) if possible.  Lots of experience
with various flavours of SQL databases.

I typically try to work on low-level back-end systems, writing
things like application servers, optimising socket-level
data transmission, SQL-transaction servers, near-optimal data
structures, etc. etc.

I've been working as a contractor for more than 10 years.
Have a B.Comp.Sci. degree from Newcastle University (AU).

If you're interesting in hiring me, please email me at
krt(at)krt-dot-com-dot-au for a resume.  You can also reply
back to this address, but more often than not it's spammed
senseless, so I might miss it in the noise.


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