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Scott Yang syang at xplantechnology.com
Mon Aug 14 02:06:45 CEST 2006

Hi Piers,

If all you need is Python CGI, most web hosting providers will do,
provided they have decent Python installation. There are many that I
have come across that are still running Python 2.2/2.3. If shell access
is provided, you can pretty much install any library you want.

Hosting in Australia is relatively expensive, but at least your Aussie
visitors don't need to send packets back and forth across the Pacific.
One Australian host I use is Jumba (http://www.jumba.com.au/) which has
Melbourne-based servers at very good price. They have Python 2.4.3
installed on their servers.

However if you are looking at running the new breed of web frameworks
that require long-running process and mod_python or FastCGI, then I have
no idea. The best bet is probably getting a VPS so you have full control
of the environment.

GPLHost (http://gplhost.com/hosting-vps-zone2.html) has Xen based VPS in
Sydney starting from AUD$21.20 and 48Mb RAM. But if you want to run
lighty + Django/TG you might want to go at least 128Mb of RAM. More if
you are thinking of Apache + mod_python.



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> Hi,
> I'm searching for a web hosting site that will allow me to
> support a couple of small websites using Australian domains, and
> allow python CGI scripting and mail processing, with access via ssh.
> And of course reasonable charges :-)
> I've found http://www.python-hosting.com, but it is based in the UK.
> I'd be very grateful if anyone could recommend an Australian
> Thanks,
> Piers Lauder
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