[Python-au] Is Ajax the way forward?

Mike Dewhirst miked at dewhirst.com.au
Sun Aug 13 01:14:39 CEST 2006

Steven Adams wrote:
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>> The research I have done and questions I have asked all seem to be 
>> pointing me towards Javascript which responds to the [More] button by 
>> writing the new line of form objects each time it is clicked.
>> I'm not sure if this process fits under the Ajax banner or not. I've 
>> just started looking at Mochikit in response to one suggestion.
> the javascript approach you outlined is how I would do it, I wouldn't 
> say it really comes under the AJAX banner though, since there is no call 
> made back to the server in the background (though an AJAX toolkit/set 
> might have components that will do what you're after)
> Inserting via the DOM either creating and inserting nodes or setting the 
> innerHTML (innerText?) directly. Will there be any postbacks besides the 
> submit?


The short answer is no.

However, the original design was predicated on the limitations of CGI. 
We were going to deal with scaling probably by using mod_python and a 
standalone DBMS server. The current minimal improvement will be 
collecting extra rows of data if the user wishes - as described. That 
still doesn't invalidate the original design if we stick to the short 
answer. I'm torn between yagni and painting myself into a corner.

> Steven
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