[Python-au] Seeking Experienced Python Developer, based in Brisbane

Trent Davis Trent at NetBoxBlue.com
Thu Apr 6 07:57:19 CEST 2006

NetBox Blue is looking for an experienced Python developer to work with us 
on our flagship product, the NetBox appliance.

You will be based in Brisbane, Australia. Your role will be to work on 
developing the product and attending to high level support issues.

Your key attributes will be:

    * At least 1 year of experience in Python development.
    * At least 5 years software development experience.
    * Good communication skills.
    * Enjoy working as part of a team.
    * Self motivated.
    * Ability to pick up new concepts and technologies quickly and can 
follow development methodologies.
    * An understanding of IP networking and internet standards.
    * Experience in the application of object oriented development.
    * General experience with Linux.

Other desirable attributes are:

    * Detailed understanding of IP networking, and internet standards 
(HTTP, DNS, SMTP etc).
    * A university bachelor's degree in information technology (or 
    * Experience with automated unit and system testing.
    * Experience with JavaScript.
    * Experience with C.
    * Understanding of SQL (especially PostgreSQL).
    * Experience with general Linux administration.
    * Experience with Linux software development, including kernel 
    * Have contributed to the open source community.

What Python is used for: The entire NetBox product is driven by Python 
from the web interface to most of the backend systems.

    * Contact: Trent Davis
    * E-mail contact: jobs-dev at netboxblue.com
    * Web: http://www.seek.com.au/showjob.asp?jobid=6552928

Trent Davis
B.Eng.(M.E.)Hons B.Info.Tech. CDE
NetBox Blue Pty Ltd (http://netboxblue.com) 
Ph: 1300 737 060
Fax: 1300 737 069
5th Floor, 11 Finchley St, Milton 4064, Australia
PO Box 2194, Milton BC 4064, Australia
All prices are Ex-GST unless otherwise indicated

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