[Python-au] Python contract Reportlab Experience - (short/telecommute)

Richard Shea richardshea at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 14 04:36:29 CET 2006

Hi - I'm interested in hearing from Aus/NZ Python programmers who have
experience in using Reportlab and (probably) MySQL skills (although we
could work around that if necessary). 

We are currently developing a business application which requires some
Acrobat output and if possible I would like to outsource that component
of the work. 

We are open to you telecommuting, flexible hours, whatever - basically
you'll be given a spec and expected to deliver on it. In saying that I
don't mean to say we won't be able to help you I'm just saying if you
want to do your work between midnight and dawn that's your business. If
you'd rather do something more conventional our office is in Courtney
Place in sunny downtown Wellington, NZ. ;-)

I estimate the effort involved to be five days or less and the start is


Richard Shea.

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