[Python-au] import stuff from parent directory

Mike Dewhirst miked at dewhirst.com.au
Fri Dec 23 05:10:50 CET 2005

I tried understanding packages and search paths but they don't quite fit 
  with what I'm trying to do. Also, packages are a bit advanced for me 
just yet.

I already put my working directory into the path and that works fine. I 
can run 'c:\working_dir\python prog.py' successfully. That working dir 
contains refactored stuff which I want to import into new software 
written in subdirectories of that wd.

I don't think I should be forever adding subdirectories to the path.

How do I 'import ../prog'?

Should it happen that way?

Should I swallow hard and get into packages?

Thanks one and all


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