[Python-au] Geeks listen: There's exciting job opportunities at Exoweb in Beijing, China

Dominic dominic at exoweb.net
Wed Nov 30 20:20:15 CET 2005

“Ni hao” everyone,

Do you fancy getting in the fast lane and putting your talents to use in 
modern Beijing, rapidly becoming a high-tech hub? Are you lured by 
China's exotics, its breathtaking cultural heritage, its exquisite (and 
sometimes “surprising” ;) cuisines and the possibility of 
learning/improving a language which has already twisted innumerable 
tongues? In case you are: simply read through this e-mail, apply and 
convince us of your talents. We will gladly handle all the paperwork to 
get you aboard quickly and legally!

*So, who are “we”*?

Exoweb is a fast-growing technology company. Our clients are 
multinational companies and our projects vary greatly: we have done 
everything from building super-scalable web services for mobile phones, 
through data warehouse systems handling terabytes, through embedded 
Linux, through CMS-driven websites for publishing companies, through 
e-commerce systems with more than US$ 1 billion in turnover.

We are passionate software development professionals, open source 
believers and agile methodology practitioners employing the latest 
technologies and aggressively experimenting with new ones (Agile 
Methodologies, ClearSilver, CSS, C++, Django, Flash, Java, JavaScript, 
Laszlo, Linux, Perl, Python, REST, SQL, Twisted, XML, XP, Zope.)

We are committed to the personal development of our employees and 
believe that jobs are to be allocated according to a persons' ability 
and interests, rather than age or academic titles. Furthermore a 
bilingual environment (English and Chinese), an attractive compensation 
package, flexible working hours, awesome loft-like office space, comfy 
relaxation area and free soft drinks/tea/gourmet coffee all ensure that 
our employees have a unique, merit-based working environment difficult 
to find elsewhere.

*Who are we looking for:*

- 7 Mid-Level Software Developers
- 3 Senior Software Developers


Software development using advanced technologies and practices 
(distributed processing, scripting object-oriented languages, eXtreme 

*Job Requirements:*

- Creative and Analytical - You must be a great problem solver, with the 
ability to dive deeply into complex problems and emerge with clear and 
pragmatic solutions.
- Ability to Create Excellent Code - You must write correct, clean and 
efficient code that you are proud of. You must be able to learn any 
programming language. We assume that you can use at least one of Java, 
C, C++, C#, Python, Perl or PHP.
- Passion - You must have passion for what you do. Involvement in Open 
Source projects or a portfolio of your hobby projects is a big plus.
- Understanding of Web Technologies - We assume that you know HTML and 
that you can quickly master all the rest.
- Understanding of network protocols such as HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP and DNS 
as well as core web technologies such as CSS, Javascript, dHTML, and 
others would be a strong advantage.
- Prior knowledge of Python, Linux, Zope/Plone, Scrum, eXtreme 
Programming is a big plus.

Well then, everyone feeling qualified and tempted: go ahead and send 
your resume to dominic at exoweb.net

Looking forward to receiving your resume and, who knows, soon welcoming 
you aboard at Exoweb in the Middle of the Middle Kingdom ;)


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