[Python-au] Prototype Development Help Needed

Franco Di Dio francodd at optusnet.com.au
Thu Nov 17 03:03:51 CET 2005

Hi everyone

I am looking for a Python programmer to help me develop a prototype of an idea.
The developer will need to have good internet knowledge ( email, Http, ftp , bit torrent, Webdav, ZOPE and Database) and doesn't mind doing all the programming. Since my programming skills are limited to "Hello World" currently. The environment will be both windows to start with and Linux later.

As usual of request like this.I have very (very) limited money to pay someone (but will pay). I am trying to finance this from my own funds. My "Minister for Home Economics & Finance" has given me some allocation of budget funds to move this project forward. 

I wish to get a prototype up and running to show some VC (Venture Capital) people who may be interested.

Thanks for any help you can give.

You can contact me off list at francodd at optusnet.com.au




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