[Python-au] [Follow-up] Windows Python different than Linux Python

Bruce Cropley cropleyb at yahoo.com.au
Tue Oct 18 02:01:17 CEST 2005

> Mike Dewhirst wrote:
> > I was so excited last night I forgot to say it was
> the line endings and 
> > dos2unix fixed everything.
> I took Bruce Cropley's advice (after his excellent
> Python Patterns talk) 
> and got off my seat to research how to get
> Subversion to manage 
> line-endings via properties on files in the
> repository. It works a treat 
> thanks Bruce.

Great to hear :)

You might want to look at SVN auto-props, which allows
you to automatically attach SVN properties to new
files based on filename regex's.



> I can now scribble away in Windows Textpad (my
> comfort editor at the 
> moment), test the code on Windows, commit it to the
> repository and 
> update my Linux server from there. I can also tweak
> code on the server 
> and commit it back again. Line endings are perfect
> on both platforms no 
> matter from which direction you edit, commit and
> update to the other 
> platform.
> Here is the secret ...
> 1. Use Subversion for a source repository
> 2. In a bash shell chdir to your topmost source
> directory which is under 
> version control
> 3. svn propset svn:eol-style native *.py -R --force
> The property is set recursively (-R) through
> descending sub-directories 
> and --force seemed like a good idea. Don't really
> understand that bit 
> but I'm happy anyway.
> 4. If you are not the real owner you still have to
> chown and chgrp 
> afterwards in Linux but that ain't hard.
> I was also chmod'ing to make *.py executable but
> Subversion has a bonus 
> there too :) It can set the executable bit
> automatically like this ...
> 5. svn propset svn:executable ON *.py -R --force
> :D
> Regards
> Mike

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