[Python-au] 2.3->2.4 on Win32 - easiest way ?

Richard Shea richardshea at fastmail.fm
Wed Aug 3 04:26:58 CEST 2005

Hi - I currently have 2.3.4 installed on a Win32 machine and I would
like to make use of 2.4 (a module I want is only supported by 2.4). I
have a number of modules installed alongside the current Python
installation (in site-packages).

Is there any way I can avoid having to re-install all the modules - that
is is there any way that I can install 2.4 "over the top of" 2.3.4 and
the various modules will all be there ?

BTW sorry if this is a strange/stupid question - I never really
understand the degree to which modules are an intrinsic part of Python
or not ... hmm not sure that made things any clearer ;-)

thanks in advance.


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