[Python-au] Meetup.com charging fees: implications for Sydney group?

Mark Rees mark.john.rees at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 07:40:55 CEST 2005

For the current members of the Sydney Python Meetup Group I am sure a
simple email list would suffice, but I agree with Owen that a website
may be a better solution. The Meetup website allowed individuals who
didn't know any of
us to stumble across our little group, make themselves known with as
much info as they wanted, and become part of the group. I think we
need a website to do this, and if we can get free hosting for a python
based solution all the better.

Some of the basic features we would require are:

* Membership management
* Auto mailing
* Web based admin
* Events management

One of the features I liked about Meetup was it's RSVP for Events.
With this the Organiser gets a good feel for how many will turn up and
we the group tend to turn up because we commited to it for all to see.

Plone is one python based solution that provides a great deal of this
functionality out of the box and developing additional extensions is
not too bad with Archetypes. It is an environment that not every
python programmer feels comfortable in, so I would understand if there
was not a majority that would want to go this way. But I do have some
Plone skills so willing to help/train etc.

Another option is Roundup which we have used to develop some rather
interesting non-bug tracking things with. I am sure Richard Jones
would see it as a perfect fit :-). Fancy a trip Sydney in May,



On 4/18/05, ojones at mail.usyd.edu.au <ojones at mail.usyd.edu.au> wrote:
> Quoting Alan Green <agreen at cirrustech.com.au>:
> > Basically, we're going to move off meetup.com
> > and on to... something else, preferably in Python.
> Sorry to any non-Sydney Python people. We will try and get our own mailing
> list setup soon so as to not bother you further.
> We could do something on Zope. Perhaps with a wiki, a mailing list and a
> message board (for starters).
> I'm sure others will have more (and better) ideas, so speak up and tell us
> what you think.
> Owen Jones.
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