[Python-au] Meetup.com charging fees: implications for Sydney group?

Alan Green agreen at cirrustech.com.au
Mon Apr 18 06:40:15 CEST 2005

Mary Gardiner wrote:
> So, via slashdot, Meetup.com is now charging a $19 fee to groups using
> it to organise their events [1] [2]. Since the Sydney Python group has
> been using it, I thought I'd ask: Alan, are you going to keep using it
> for Sydney Python meetings?  I'm happy to resume announcing events on
> pig.slug.org.au (if someone else continues to organise them...)

Thanks for the heads-up, Mary. I just sent out the May meetup 
invitation, pasted below. Basically, we're going to move off meetup.com 
and on to... something else, preferably in Python.


May Meetup Invitation

     Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 6:30 PM

     James Squire Brewhouse
     22 The Promenade King St Wharf
     Sydney, NSW

As you would all be aware by now, meetup.com is due to start charging 
for using their service.

To cut a long story short:

(a) meetup.com couild well end up costing around 50AUD/meeting,

(b) I'd rather we spent that money elsewhere[1],

(c) Python programmers ought to be able to cobble together a replacement 
fairly quickly, and

(d) we're going to put together that replacement at our next meeting, on 
Thursday May 12.

Let's continue the discussion on the python-au mailing list. What kinds 
of facilities would you like to see? How can it be done with Python? How 
can be done in a few hours on a Thursday night?

It promises to be a fun evening, where we everybody learn something. If 
all goes well and we finish early, I'll give a short talk on using 

A few people have contacted me with kind offers of mailing lists, server 
space and even financial contributions. Thankyou all. Let's put it all 
on the table over at python-au and see what it amounts to.

(You can subscribe to the python-au mailing list at 

[1] For example, at the bar, buying your hard-working host a pint or two.

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