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Ogawa, Taro MR Taro.Ogawa at
Tue Mar 29 06:08:02 CEST 2005

Tony McGee writes:
> However, if the source of the string is untrusted then using
> eval() can allow execution of arbitrary code. The original post
> mentions that the string is 'posted to my python program (which
> I cant control)'

True, but it's not evalling the raw string, but a string containing the raw
string, which should be safe providing that you're getting a vanilla raw
string... If you're getting an object which can overload (say) its __str__()
method, then of course eval is unsafe, but then so is every other method
provided since __getattribute__() can be overloaded (and if you overload
__iter__() then even stepping through and attempting to build a new string
character by character is insecure).


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