[Python-au] RE: Processes and pipes; newbie alert

Andy Bulka abulka at bigpond.net.au
Thu Dec 30 01:49:39 CET 2004

Not sure about the win32 reference but I am soon planning to build some
interprocess communication myself - and being inexperienced in this field
myself, was watching this thread with interest.

I was perhaps hoping to create a generic module (strategy or bridge design
pattern) where I could communicate between two processes using either

 named pipes
 talk via regular text files ?
 http requests and periodic polling

The flexibility of a switchable solution would be that I would have the
option of running the processes on another machines altogether, and have the
option of communicating using internet protocols too.

So I guess personally I would love a reference on "the varieties of inter
process communication" in python, and how these techniques compare to
techniques (e.g remoting in .NET) in other languages and frameworks.

Any pointer appreciated.
Andy Bulka

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I've solved my own problem, well the python one anyway.

In the master I need to use win32pipe.CreateNamedPipe to create a pipe
yielding a PyHandle Then I invoke the slave process
        the slave process connects to the pipe using win32file.CreateFile

In the master I use win32pipe.ConnectNamedPipe to tell me when the slave has
connected I can then read and write to the pipe as I'd expect and the
win32pipe.PeekNamedPipe function works as I expect.

A good reference book on the win32 API would have made it easier than
bouncing between the ActiveState referenece and the MSDN library; any



> Subject: [Python-au] Processes and pipes; newbie alert
> I have a program launchs a seperate processes and I can send commands 
> to
> and get response back. But it is blocking and I'd like to be able to 
> see
> there is a response ready before I try and read the pipe.
> I think that win32pipe.PeekNamedPipe would do it but when I use it I 
> get a type error that says "TypeError: The object is not a PyHANDLE 
> object". The documentation seems sparse so after spending a bit of 
> time playing. and searched the archives with no joy so I thought I'd 
> ask.

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