[Python-au] Processes and pipes; newbie alert

Jon john.windle at silverbrookresearch.com
Wed Dec 29 19:50:53 CET 2004

"John Steele Scott" <toojays at toojays.net> writes

>"Jon" <john.windle at silverbrookresearch.com> writes:
>> # I think the parameters are the pipe and the number of bytes to "peek"
>> print win32pipe.PeekNamedPipe(w1], 2)
>> I image it is something obvious I've missed.
> Is it just the syntax error? i.e. it should be w[1] instead of w1]?

In the segment of code I posted you are right it should have been w[1]. Not
sure how I lost the opening bracket, sigh. However it doesn't work with
w[1], which is what I've got in the actual code as python barfs if I try it
with w1].



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