[Python-au] MySQLdb and Visual Studio 6

Grant McDonald gmcdonald at infocomp.com
Sun Oct 17 07:20:24 CEST 2004


You do not have to install MS Visual Studio to get the python bindings to
work. Just install MySQL and then install the python bindings. In my
experience having created a number of my own extensions with MinGW and
Visual Studio 7 (with the standard python distro from www.python.org) there
is really no restriction on what the extension is compiled with.

Btw, did you download the mysql windows binary or the source package? It
would be likely you would be getting that error if you are compiling from
source on windows without VS 6 installed. (there are ways around this, but
in practice precompiled windows binaries are much easier to use).

If you are compiling from source what tool are you using to compile it?
(e.g. distutils + VS7)

Anyway, here is the windows binary package for the mysql python bindings,
you should have no trouble with this:


If you could provide me with the exact error message I can probably help you
further. (please include python version, mysql version, mysql-python version
-- I did notice you put 1.1.6 which is the latest version of the test

Kind Regards,

Grant McDonald
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