[Python-au] pythonwin and reloading modules

vector180 Vector180W at netscape.net
Fri Jun 18 00:20:27 CEST 2004

Hi all
Fairly new to python and pythonwin.
Im working on a tool where a python script builds a text file from 
various classes imported from  picswitch.py
I modify picswitch.py save it and then run the sio_menu_builder.py which 
imports picswitch.py. Problem is when using pythonwin the previous 
modules or classes within them remains "in memory"?
ie if i delete a class out of picswitch.py and rerun builder the text 
file output echos the fact that the class is still there!.If i shutdown 
pythonwin and reopen and rerun builder, only then does it correctly echo 
the deletion.
source is at 
excuse the bad python and lack of documentation :)

I am unsure as to wether this is a misunderstanding of python or 
pythonwin, on my behalf.
As I am constantly modifing picswitch and rebuilding, its very annoying 
to have to close pythonwin each time.I use pythonwin mostly because when 
Im editing picswitch.py i like the way i can collapse/expand the classes 
making it easier to read.
I possibly could have a dos window open in that dir and use pythonwin to 
edit but actually run the build from dos. Im just making sure Im not 
missing something first.

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