[Python-au] MySQLdb user login issue

Duane Hennessy duaneh at connexus.net.au
Wed Mar 24 11:06:52 CET 2004

I'm using MySQLdb module to access MySQL 5.0 on Windows. I'm accessing 
via the "root" user ID. I set the .INI file with

passwd = hello

but I cannot logon to MySQL with these properties instead I get a 
message saying something along the lines of  "No permission for 
''@'localhost'" etc. So I can only logon as "root". I'm trying to create 
a user through SQL and so far I am having little success with that also. 
I'm following the manual that comes with MySQL. This is a real pain!

Has anyone experienced this issue and do they know how to fix it? I 
don't want to keep using the root userid.



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