[Python-au] Re: PIG in Melbourne

abulka at netspace.net.au abulka at netspace.net.au
Wed Jan 28 06:10:14 CET 2004

There were one or two meetings about a year ago that were well attended at a 
restaurant, and we chatted about anything python.  It was great, and I'm not 
sure why the momentum died off and smaller numbers came until I myself finally 
gave it a miss.

I am always happy to chat and socialise with python programmers.  As for 
conferences, a mini python conference in Melbourne would be cool too - I could 
definitely contribute a paper / talk.

I remember a oz-zope meeting about a year ago too, which had about 18 people 
come along, all knew python.  It was the most amazing meeting - very heady and 
deep and wide ranging.  Then next month, a tiny meeting with only very few big 
guns attending.  I don't understand the psychology of that.

About the only user group I attend these days is the Melbourne Patterns Group, 
which gets about 8-12 people per month for many years now. We have a good 
hassle-free venue with facilities (projector, quiet etc), which I think is 

Andy Bulka

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