PIG in Melbourne (Re: [Python-au] (no subject))

Mary Gardiner mary-python at puzzling.org
Wed Jan 28 05:30:48 CET 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004, Anthony Baxter wrote:
> I'd be curious to know how well the python mini-conf went at the linux
> conference in Adelaide. It might be feasible to organise a one-day
> conference with a wide variety of papers, rather than trying to pick
> individual topics that are going to only appeal to a subset of users. 

I found it quite interesting, but I live with the organiser.

You can read my account of it here:

and Malcolm Tredinnick's here:

to get some idea. My impression of Malcolm's second talk was better than
his. If you have the chance to see Malcolm talk about Python, I think
it's worth it.


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