PIG in Melbourne (Re: [Python-au] (no subject))

Claudine claudine at chionh.org
Wed Jan 28 05:08:06 CET 2004

On 28 Jan 2004, Mary Gardiner wrote,

> There's the OzZope people, who seem to normally meet in Melbourne. I
> don't know of any separate group.

On 28 Jan 2004, Anthony Baxter wrote,

> There's been occasional meetups of interested folks in melbourne.
> I seem to recall there was some effort to organise something via
> meetup.com - I'd guess python.meetup.com would be the appropriate
> address.

Thanks Mary and Anthony (and apologies for sending out mail without a
subject line).

There's currently four people - including myself - registered on
python.meetup.com. I haven't actually made it to one of those myself.
I'll ask OzZope people for pointers too.


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