[Python-au] Request for advice

Timothy Stebbing tim.stebbing at nunatak.com.au
Sun Nov 30 22:59:21 CET 2003

Jimmy wrote:

>I'm currently developing a prototype in Python, that has the potential to
>make the transition to being part of a long term commercial development. The
>prototype basically performs all of the business logic thats required, but
>simply takes interactively typed or text file based input and simply prints
>the required data. What's required is simply to plug the input and output
>information into some sort of form, preferably browser based. Can anyone
>point me to any documentation that outlines the techniques for connecting
>python classes and routines to web-based forms. This software will initially
>run standalone, so embedding this code in a Zope style framework is probably
>going to be an overkill. This is a pretty time critical development, so I'd
>prefer an approach that's as simple and easy as possible.
>Any advice on this, or knowledge of suitable products that make this process
>easy would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to introduce python as an
>integral part of the development process for this concern, rather than them
>surrendering all to Microsoft.
>James Bourke
>python-au maillist  -  python-au at starship.python.net
Checkout mod_python, [www.modpython.org] which allows you to run python 
natively inside apache, as of 2.0 it supports PSP (python server pages) 
a python add-on in the same vein as ASP/PHP/JSP, if your newish to 
python or familiar with the previously stated web scripting languages, 
this is a simple way to get your basic functionality out there.

For a more structured approach I would recomend twisted.web.woven 
framework, which is part of twisted (www.twistedmatrix.com) This is 
based around XML template parsing, where you build the handlers using 
the MVC (model, view, controller) technique, very nice, but with a 
little more learning curve if you have not used the twisted framework 

irc.freenode.net #twisted usually has around 80+ people, including the 
primary developers who will field any questions, and the project is well 
documented. mod_python has a very active community based around their 
mailing list, who all seem willing to help out people with problems or 


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