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Paul Sorenson sourceforge at metrak.com
Sat Nov 29 23:41:32 CET 2003

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> I'm currently developing a prototype in Python, that has the potential to
> make the transition to being part of a long term commercial development.
> prototype basically performs all of the business logic thats required, but
> simply takes interactively typed or text file based input and simply
> the required data. What's required is simply to plug the input and output
> information into some sort of form, preferably browser based. Can anyone
> point me to any documentation that outlines the techniques for connecting
> python classes and routines to web-based forms. This software will
> run standalone, so embedding this code in a Zope style framework is
> going to be an overkill. This is a pretty time critical development, so
> prefer an approach that's as simple and easy as possible.

You need something that handles CGI.  There are dozens of "frameworks" for
python code, at least one has already been recommended.  They each have
their pros and cons.

After using one or two of these systems, I have come full circle and just
write the CGI code directly in python.  You will find examples in the
standard module: 'cgi' and I think cookie is a standard module if you want
to keep state information from one page/session to the next.  If you would
like to edit your pages with an html editor then this could cause some
grief.  Some of the frameworks will be easier in this regard.  If you just
use vi or some text editor then it is hard to beat.

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