[Python-au] Re: python-au Digest, Vol 5, Issue 9

Duane Hennessy duaneh at connexus.net.au
Sat Nov 29 13:51:15 CET 2003

    I developed a python program to run through a web browser (actually 
IE 5.5) so what I did was create a Python COM which provided functions 
to the web page using VBScript to access the COM. Basically I had a 
python program set up in the background which ran on its own fine but 
created a Python COM interface to receive data via VBScript in the page 
and send back results as HTML code or delimited strings which I then 
broke down using Javascript (you could use VBScript but I prefer 
Javascript for web pages). Some quick example code would be like the 

######## web page code starts here ########
<script language = 'VBScript'>
    'Create the object for the page to use
    Dim Warehouse
    Set Warehouse = CreateObject("Warehouse.Application") ' Python COM 
set up

    Sub ShowItems()
        'Show chosen items. I just wrote in trousers but you would 
capture this via a web page control etc.
        window.innerHTML = Warehouse.show_items("trousers")
    End Sub

    Sub SaveItems(Item, SizeOne, SizeTwo)
        'Save an item and it's sizes etc. Example of sending data to a 
COM to use.
    End Sub


######## web page code ends here ########

######## python COM code starts here ########
class Inventory:
    'Class registered as a COM for translating requests and returns to a 
web page'
    _public_methods_ = ['show_items','save_sizes']    # list of methods 
you want to make available to programs using the COM.
    _reg_progid_ = 'Warehouse.Application'        # the COM id which we 
load in the web page
    _reg_clsid_ = '{1562C973-CBEB-469D-9A96-54C6CF44490B}'  # use 
pythoncom.CreateGuid() to get the class id.

    def  show_items(self,w_item):
        # note if you pass data via a web page it will be in Unicode 
format and causes Python to cause errors so I convert the passed arguments
        # before doing anything further with them. If you are not 
passing arguments though you don't need this obviously.
        w_item = str(w_item);

        # set up a variable to return the HTML code to return to the web 
        html_return = '<table id = \'return_items\'>'
        # use a method to capture whatever data you want to return and 
write it into a web code format eg, table.
        # code to get items here... eg maybe you are dragging the item 
from a database etc.
        for item_name in item_list:
            html_return += '<tr>
            html_return += '<td>%s</td>' % item_name
            html_return += '</tr>'
        # return the result to the web page
        html_return += '</table>'
        return html_return

    def save_sizes(item,size_one,size_two):
        # note if you pass data via a web page it will be in Unicode 
format and causes Python to cause errors so I convert the passed arguments
        # before doing anything further with them.
        item = str(item)
        size_one = int(size_one)
        size_two = int(size_two)

        # code to save the item sizes here, could be a database or 
anything, you get it though.

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print 'Registering COM server'
    import win32com.server.register
    win32com.server.register.UseCommandLine(Inventory) # note the 
command line is the name of the class

######## python COM code ends here ########

Basically that is it. Things to note are,  the web page will pass any 
arguments you pass to the Python COM in unicode format and I recommend 
that you convert them as a first step in the method should you have any 
errors during the Python code. Can't remember the error I received and I 
didn't receive it for all methods in which I passed strings, integers to 
a Python method via the COM only a few. Check it out anyway.
    Basically any changes you make to the rest of the programs modules 
are automatically reflected via the COM, only changes to the COM 
interface need to be re-registered if they include new methods you want 
made available to the Web page, other changes are reflected 
automatically, like changes in algorithm etc.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any problems implementing this 
into the web page and I'll see what I can do. It wasn't plain sailing 
when I first attempted this but works like a dream now.

Duane Hennessy
Tropical Queensland, Australia

>Message: 2
>Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 15:37:58 +1100
>From: "Jimmy" <jbou5922 at bigpond.net.au>
>Subject: [Python-au] Request for advice
>To: <python-au at python.net>
>Message-ID: <017001c3afe9$3d4579f0$0100000a at JIMSMACHINE>
>Content-Type: text/plain;	charset="iso-8859-1"
>I'm currently developing a prototype in Python, that has the potential to
>make the transition to being part of a long term commercial development. The
>prototype basically performs all of the business logic thats required, but
>simply takes interactively typed or text file based input and simply prints
>the required data. What's required is simply to plug the input and output
>information into some sort of form, preferably browser based. Can anyone
>point me to any documentation that outlines the techniques for connecting
>python classes and routines to web-based forms. This software will initially
>run standalone, so embedding this code in a Zope style framework is probably
>going to be an overkill. This is a pretty time critical development, so I'd
>prefer an approach that's as simple and easy as possible.
>Any advice on this, or knowledge of suitable products that make this process
>easy would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to introduce python as an
>integral part of the development process for this concern, rather than them
>surrendering all to Microsoft.
>James Bourke
>Message: 3
>Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 20:06:51 +1100
>From: JOHN KIRK <softscan at dodo.com.au>
>Subject: [Python-au] Newcastle Work Offered
>To: python-au at python.net
>Message-ID: <3FC861AB.8000909 at dodo.com.au>
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed
>I am based in Newcastle N.S.W. and need someone to teach me Python and 
>oversee some game development  I am doing.
>Anyone out there interested ?

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