[Python-au] Request for advice

Andy Todd andy47 at halfcooked.com
Sat Nov 29 11:39:09 CET 2003

Jimmy wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently developing a prototype in Python, that has the potential to
> make the transition to being part of a long term commercial development. The
> prototype basically performs all of the business logic thats required, but
> simply takes interactively typed or text file based input and simply prints
> the required data. What's required is simply to plug the input and output
> information into some sort of form, preferably browser based. Can anyone
> point me to any documentation that outlines the techniques for connecting
> python classes and routines to web-based forms. This software will initially
> run standalone, so embedding this code in a Zope style framework is probably
> going to be an overkill. This is a pretty time critical development, so I'd
> prefer an approach that's as simple and easy as possible.
> Any advice on this, or knowledge of suitable products that make this process
> easy would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to introduce python as an
> integral part of the development process for this concern, rather than them
> surrendering all to Microsoft.
> Thanks
> James Bourke


If your requirement is for all of the interface work to be done by 
people who understand Python and HTML, not just HTML then I'd suggest 
you take a look at Quixote - http://www.mems-exchange.org/software/quixote/

Its got a very useful Forms framework which is explained in a tutorial 
here - http://www.quixote.ca/learn/2.html

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