[Python-au] Calling two Python Scripts from another script PartII

Gary Reynolds garyr at dentistry.usyd.edu.au
Sun Nov 23 01:18:02 CET 2003

Duane Hennessy wrote:

> Another way to run python scripts from another script is if the 
> scripts you want to run are just a consecutive list of commands 
> without a 'main' function or anything then you can more easily execute 
> them like the following example...

Realistically guys, I don't like what you are preaching here...

Yes, python (like most languages) has an exec command, but you really 
should not use it when calling more python code. Python already has 
methods for obtaining functionality from other /modules/ which should be 
used instead.

Rather than having straight line code in each of your files, split them 
up based on what they do in terms of functionality.  You will end up 
with code that is intrinsically documented by way of meaningful function 
calls, rather than the user needing to open secondary modules to see 
what they actually do.

For example:

file = open("search_engine.py", "r")


from search_engine import *
se = SearchEngine("http://www.mysite.com.au/")

The second example is reasonably obvious to the reader what is going to 
happen... but I wouldn't have a clue what my first example does?

Also, when you need to re-run that part of the script, you need to 
reload it into memory which will be slower... much better to import 
modules rather than scripts...

Where you can, split common bits of functionality into modules and 
import them, but make sure there is no straight line code in them - only 
classes or functions.

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