[Python-au] LCA 2004 Python mini-conf -- Call For Speakers

Andrew Bennetts andrew-lca at puzzling.org
Sun Sep 28 13:41:44 CEST 2003

I'm organising a one-day Python mini-conf to be held at Linux.conf.au
2004[1].  I'm looking for people to speak at the mini-conf.

I'm interested in any Python-related talks or tutorials you might want to
give -- Linux-related is *not* a requirement.  Also, unlike the main
conference, I don't expect you to write a full paper and present that -- I'm
aiming for a slightly more relaxed and informal atmosphere, given that we're
smaller than the main conference.  I'm also happy to accept talks shorter
than an hour, so don't hold back just because you've only got a quick
half-hour talk.

So, if you have a pet Python project or library you develop or just enjoy
using, and would like to talk about it, I'm interested.  

Mini-conf speakers and attendees will need to register for the main
conference, and meet all costs of travel and accomodation themselves.

See these sites for more details:
    - http://pig.slug.org.au/miniconf/
    - http://lca2004.linux.org.au/


[1] Linux.Conf.Au is Australia's national Linux conference to be held at the
University of Adelaide from Wednesday January 14 to Saturday January 17,
2004. IBM is proud to be Linux.Conf.Au 2004's Penguin Sponsor.

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