[Python-au] Zope 3 Development Sprint in Melbourne

Jan Smith jan at curpheymedia.com
Fri Jun 20 11:02:39 EDT 2003

Hi  All,

Zope 3 is due to be release in 2004.  Zope 3 is being developed via focussed
Extreme Programming Zope/Python sprints around the world.

Some people on this list might be interested to know OzZope is holding a
Zope 3 development sprint at Trinity College Melbourne University in July.
Jim Fulton Chief Technical Officer from Zope Corporation will be the sprint
coach. Python programmers will work in pairs to code an aspect of Zope 3.

The first two days of the sprint will be a tutorial on Zope 3 by Jim Fulton.
This will be a mixture of lecture and hands on exercise.  Observers can
attend this part of the sprint.
More information   http://www.ozzope.org/OzSprintWiki


Jan Smith
Coordinator OzZope

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