[Python-au] win32all changes between 148 and 152

Damir Dezeljin programing at mbss.org
Tue Jun 10 16:59:37 EDT 2003


I developed an Python script for sending IOCTL-s to an device attached on
my machine (Win2k PRO). The mentioned script was developed using Python
2.2.2 and win32all build 148 .

Today I installed Python 2.2.2 andwin32all build 152 on another machine
and try to run my script. The script fails in sending IOCTL-s without any
meaningfull error, so I started to dig into the problem. I checked the
changelog on the win32all homepage however I didn't noticed anything that
can afect my script (I'm using win32file.CreateFileW() ,
win32file.DeviceIoControl() and struct.pack() ) so I looked for a couple
of hours for any other problem. Then I give up and try to install the old
version of win32all (build 148) and all magicaly start working.

Do you have any hint what happen or what is broken with the build 152?


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