[Python-au] Python - CGI, session variable

sense gin sensegin at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 00:31:59 EDT 2003

Dear Python Experts,

Currenly, I m using Python 2.2 (UNIX & Win32) CGI module (web application).
My scenario,
I have 2 py scripts (a.py and b.py) in ~/cgi-bin .
a.py will call b.py
(1) How to pass a session variable from a.py to b.py 
   (like PHP session_register) with using HTML FORM?
(2) Let say, a.py has generated a list 
   (array in python) and want to pass it to b.py.
    How this can done actually? 
   (pls do not tell me to ask a.py to write the list into file, then b.py read from this file).
Appreciate your solution.

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