[Python-au] Introduction, Python MUD

Nigel Chapman editor@jesus.com.au
Tue May 20 15:15:06 EDT 2003


Not sure if this is one of those lists where you should introduce 
yourself on joining, but anyway...

My name's Nigel Chapman, I live in Sydney (~Cronulla) and have a Comp 
Sci degree from UNSW.  I've used Python on and off for two years or so, 
and made one serious program for a company with it, but it's PHP/SQL 
that I do my paying work in, while I'm doing my current degree.  I run a 
Debian KDE box at home, and (very) occassionally get along to SLUG if 
I'm in near the city when it's on.

I'm getting back into Python at the moment, mostly because I'm starting 
to implement a MUD server that I designed a few yrs back, and then 
shelved indefinitely.  The basic plan is for all persistent data to be 
stored in an SQL DB, with a Python front-end for telnet, and a PHP 
front-end for the web.

I'd love to talk to anyone with similar interests, or hear if there's a 
Python IRC channel that's any good.

AIM: kale77in
ICQ: 36841196


Nigel Chapman [ editor, AT: jesus.com.au ]

'The first key to wisdom is assiduous and frequent
questioning... For by doubting we come to inquiry,
and by inquiry we arrive at the truth.'

Peter Abelard (1079-1142), Sic et Non

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