[Python-au] International Zope 3 - Development sprint 9th - 13th July Melbourne .....u p d a t e

Jan Smith jan@curpheymedia.com
Tue, 13 May 2003 11:41:52 +1000

Hi All

I am getting many enquiries from overseas about the upcoming Zope 3
Development Programming sprint so here's snapshot of where things stand at
the moment.

We expect to know more about funding this week from two possible sources.
The Next Wave grant from Multi-Media Victoria we applied for last
ecember  - they promise an answer this week.
A second much smaller grant is also in the wind.  This is for $5,000 to pay
for Jim Fulton's travelling and accommodation expenses.
If you have a funding source now is the time to speak up.  This Melbourne
sprint is one of a number of Zope sprints being held in key cities around
the world.

Wednesday 9th July - Sunday 13th July

Experienced Zope/Python developers.  There will be a tutorial held at the
sprint but this is NOT the time to learn Python the tutorial is to get
programmers up to speed with the latest Zope 3 Developments.

SPRINT TOPIC/S still to be decided
One suggestion is working on the Dublin Core Meta Data within Zope to make
it compliant to Australian Government standards.

Trinity College, Melbourne University (1 kilometre from city centre)
Facilities:  a state-of-the-art Multi-media Room, a second sprinting room
and a tiered Lecture Theatre

Student bedrooms at Trinity College available for $47 a night including
breakfast (Trinity's two flats already booked by OzZopistas)

MEALS: Available at Trinity in the students dining hall. Lunch and Evening
Meals  cost approx. $7-$11

COFFEE:  Expresso making machine near the sprinting room

Due to uncertainty of the larger funding from the Victorian Government we
are having a much smaller sprint than was originally planned. We won't be
having Guido Van Rossum at the sprint nor will he give a lecture on Python
at Melbourne University, there will be no sprint dinner for invited
prominent officials, there will be no sociological study on Extreme
Programming in action, there will not be the Saturday lightening talks on
Zope and open source software for the public nor the media exposure that
would have given the event. There *will* be 9 plus programmers coding for
Zope 3.

Further information at:
http://www.ozzope.org/OzSprintWiki and don't forget to add your name to the
wiki if you are coming.

Jan Smith
Co-ordinator OzZope
OzZope IRC - #zope-au on irc.freenode.net