[Python-au] Thanks and the last question for today is

Andy Dent dent@oofile.com.au
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 13:44:57 +0800

At 16:14 +1100 17/01/2003, Graeme Matthew wrote:
>I have written a SocketServer, it listens for xml orders send from a remote

>How does one make the SocketServer secure ?

Learn more about protocols such as BEEP - see http://www.beepcore.org/

Look at http://beepy.sourceforge.net/ for an excellent Python example.

I am writing a pure XML version of BEEP for a project where we have to
communicate with a Flash client and prototyping in Python so the Flash guy
can play with the server side and my test scripts, and it's a lot easier to
quickly hack socket and XML stuff together in Python (the real thing is C++
on Mac, Windows, Palm and PocketPC).

The data we're sending is a bit more esoteric - brainwave analysis settings
and triggers from the IBVA device (http://www.ibva.com/) - kinda fun :-)
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