[Python-au] how much is python used commercially?

Andy Dent dent@oofile.com.au
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 04:41:42 +0800

At 7:21 +1100 15/01/2003, jimd@paddy.wahroonga.com wrote:
>I saw a job advt recently for python in Sydney. It's only
>the third such job I've noticed in five years and I only
>know of one organisation which uses python. Are there many more,

I'd love the chance to work more with Python (actually my real hope is for
a job on the Chandler project - http://www.osafoundation.org/) but I think
Python doesn't get noted as a primary language often.

I use it mainly for prototyping and writing test rigs for things like
multithreaded cross-platform communications software. I know of
organisations in Perth where it is used for build management, prototyping
algorithms for mining software etc. but I've not seen it on any of the
(infrequent) job ads.

I suspect too many places see it as a trivial scripting language.

It's not a hard language for a professional developer (eg: Java or C++) to
pick up. I wouldn't want people missing out on jobs because of a lack of
Python knowledge - the job market has too many specifics listed as it is.

I would really only expect to see Python as a requirement in the context of
someone doing heavy content publishing with ZOPE and so only ZOPE might be
listed, not Python, as you would be expected to understand the complete

regards from Perth
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