[Python-au] GUI Testing using Python

Cheng-Chai Ang calcium@altavista.net
Thu, 07 Nov 2002 11:54:09 +1000

> Hi,
> Can somebody help me out to get the below requirement for 
> automated GUI Testing.
> 1. Should invoke a GUI from a DLL.
> 2. Check all the options and buttons and test.
> 3. Should take the input automatically for each options.
> Pls tell me can I use calldll() from python script to acheive 
> this.What package should I use to check a button in the GUI. Is 
> there is any package used for this.
> Awaiting for your response.

I havent got a solution but u may want to look
at this, which makes the bindings to C++ easier
(I think, never having had to do this).


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