[Python-au] Notes from last nights OzZope meeting in Melbourne

Jan Smith jan@curpheymedia.com
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 16:00:00 +1000

Last night 8 of us met at the Brandon Hotel in North Carlton.

We were given an excellent presentation on Zope and Databases by Stuart
Bishop.  Using his classy Apple laptop we were treated to an overview of how
Zope connects to external databases and were given many many hints and how
to's.  The ensuing conversation ranged around which database to use and how
to connect using DTML methods, Python/methods and XML-RPC.  Stuart also
showed us some real life examples of Zope and database connectivity in a
commercial application.

The bad news for the night was that the Brandon Hotel will be closing down
next week for renovations.  So once again in fact for the fifth time this
year we are looking for a new space to hold our meetings.  I asked those
present whether we should meet again in two months time and have a winter
break.  Those present wanted to meet again in a month.

Here's your chance to have a say.

1.  Currently we meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm - is this night
ok for you?
2.  We are looking for another Hotel in the inner city preferably serving
meals, with a free function room - is this ok for you?
3.  The alternate venue would be a small hall somewhere.  These can lack
adequate heating/cooling and we would have to bring things like eats and
drinks and there would be a small cost per person - would you prefer this?
4.  Your suggestion? mailto:webmster@ozzope.org


Jan Smith
WebMster OzZope.org