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Sounds like you are of a similar mind to me. We use the asyncore stuff
ourselves. I'm interested in looking further into XMLRPC as a way of
regularizing our protocols for any non performance critical
communication while still staying in a reasonably conceptually
manageable framework.


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> Hi,
> We develop distributed applications here that have to go into a high
> availability, low maintenance environments and I've always been
> frightened at the complexity of things like omniORB, and usually
> rig systems on top of sockets that do the job (devil you know is
> better that the devil you don't sort of thing). Do you guys have any
> experience with using these systems in anger and care to share you
> experiences ?

I used to do some work a few years ago with IONA's monster.

omniORB fits the bill because it can be deployed on HP-UX (10.2 and
11), and Solaris, as well as Linux, FreeBSD (my platform of choice)
NT/Win2k and a few other

The complexity does not bother me much (if you can work with IONA's
implementation, you can work with anything.)

Yes, I agree, jury-rigging something on top of sockets is the fast and
dirty way and it usually works flawlessly (for security, you just use
SSL/TLS - messing up the
performance though).

There is an event-driven library available for Python for writing
multi-threaded event-driven apps. which I will look into, called the
Asynchronous Sockets Library, available


In order to understand it, you should get the book:

Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures, Vol. 2, Patterns For
Concurrent and Networked Objects by Douglas Schmidt.


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