[Python-au] Re: Distributed apps.

Reinhold Quillen rquillen@ozemail.com.au
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 14:26:53 +1000

> How about <ahem> SOAP?  If your client has read said articles about Corba, you
> can probably find them much more recently written articles about SOAP and



However, before anyone blindly rushes into that, he/she should read:


It puts things in perspective.

SOAP, XML-RPC, UDDI have a place in the world.

I am the old cynic, I wish to make sure that whatever I put in place 
is rock-solid. Those who are at the bleeding edge often bleed to 
death. That has been my experience for the last twelve years.

For certain apps, SOAP, etc, have a place as long as you have binding contracts with all of your clients (net client apps, not the customer kind.) If you do not, then watch 

The standards for web services (stupid name really, as web services 
have very little to do with the web, other than running on TCP port 
80) will evolve and if you do something within a single organization 
and it fits the bill, then yes.

When I put something in place, I want LOW maintenance (a case of 
enlightened self interest.)