[Python-au] reminder: OzZope Melbourne meeting 29th Jan

David Lutz david@jadescape.com
Fri, 01 Feb 2002 13:04:34 +1000

At 14:24 2002-01-29 +1000, Reinhold Quillen wrote:
>Would it be possible for you to give us a little bit more advance notice
for the ZOPE user's group meeting (you e-mailed your last notification on
Monday, 28th Jan for a 
>meeting on the 29th January).

G'day Reinhold,

Sorry for the lack of notice!  I assumed that most of the Pythoneers on
this list who were also interested in Zope would have discovered the OzZope
list as well.


In any case,  the meeting on Tuesday was a Zope flavoured one BUT the next
one will be a Zope AND Python extravaganza :-)

Anthony Baxter has kindly offered to give us a run down of the Python 10
conference,  there will be a presentation from Richard Volpato on Zope in
government, and a discussion of Zope hosting among other things.

There is one presentation slot free, so if anyone has something that they'd
like to talk about.... please get in touch.

Details are here

It will be held at Monash Uni (Clayton) on Tuesday the 26th of February at
Room SGO2 in the Menzies (Humanities) building.

Cheers,   David.
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