[Python-au] Life, the Universe, the reason for being and all that stuff....

Reinhold Quillen rquillen@ozemail.com.au
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 13:35:18 +1000

Guys and Gals, 

This is going to be a long e-mail message, so sit back, relax and let the =
Force be with you, etc, etc. It is mainly addressed to people in Melbourne=

I would like to raise something which I am guessing is close to most of yo=
u, viz. MONEY.

As you all know, IT Land is kind of slow right now but things are starting=
 to pick up slowly. Now, we can all sit back, twiddle our thumbs and hope =
that corporate IT will 
discover Python and ZOPE. 

Well, guys and gals, it's like dating, you can sit in your living-room and=
 hope that the man/woman of your dreams will come along. Well, I've got ne=
ws for you. Unless you 
are very, very lucky (or very good-looking), it won't happen. 

You have to go out and make yourself available and let the world know that=
 you are available - and you do that by knocking on doors and doing the ol=
d face-to-face (still the 
best way of selling anything - just in case of you are wondering - yes, I =
used to be in sales, so I learnt a few things about what works and what do=

Now, what I am interested in establishing is an informal group of develope=
rs, initially limited to Python and ZOPE developers (it will be expanded l=
ater to cover other 
development languages) who each can possibly call on, when jobs need to be=

Now, no doubt some of you will be in full employment, some in partial empl=
oyment and some will be doing consulting directly with clients. No matter =
what, everyone can 
use some dosh (unless you have a wealthy uncle/aunt, relative - fill in yo=
ur own details here, etc.)

No, I am not interested in becoming a contracting agency - there are enoug=
h of those around already. Basically, when I go to a client, I want to kno=
w that I can call on say, 
X no. of Python/ZOPE developers for a particular job.

Similarly, one of you might know someone who has a particular requirement.=
 Now, I know that the nature of user groups is that they only focus on wha=
t they are interested 
in, in this case Python.

Well, in the real world, Python is just another tool. Most clients couldn'=
t care less if you use tool X or Y, as long as the job gets done and the c=
ode is reasonably 
maintainable - that is just a fact of life - and you can rant and rave all=
 you want - it won't change a thing.

Developers, by their nature are usually solitary beings. Well, taking a le=
sson from our insect brethren, you will always be more successful working =
as a group, than working 
alone (OK - some things, you want to do on your own) - especially in IT La=

Basically, everyone will deal with the client directly, and no, I don't wa=
nt a cut of your earnings. So what do I get out of it? Well, I can say tha=
t we are a group of 
Python/ZOPE developers on tap (makes a nice motto: "Python and ZOPE develo=
pers on tap"), and that we can tackle the larger jobs.

What we need to establish the individual levels of developer expertise (I =
am hardly going to recommend someone, who knows next to nothing about soft=
ware development to 
any potential clients.)

If any of you are interested, we can discuss this in a user meeting. The Z=
OPE group usually seems to get about ten to twelve per meeting - judging f=
rom their web site 
photos - so I guess that we might only get about three or four Pythonites.=

I realize that meetings in the past have been, shall, we say, somewhat sub=
dued, and that they may not be any interest in attending another meeting i=
n the city.

I first wish to discuss this with the Python group and if there is enough =
interest, get the ZOPE user group involved. You might consider this to be =
a stab in the dark and that 
no one in this mailing list could give a farthing about the topic I have r=
aised - well, so be it -at least I am going to give it a shot. It may not =
work, but unless I try, I will never 

Any replies to this message should be made to the mailing list as a whole =
- you can bounce it of my OzEmail address directly,(just in case you are w=
ondering - I use my 
OzEmail address for mailing lists, etc. - messages will automatically be r=
e-directed to my real e-mail address. It keeps the spam merchants in check=
.) But replying to the 
mailing list, is definitely the preferred way to go.

Well, that's it for now. 

Any comments, suggestions,=85?