[Python-au] Re: General question about Python use

Reinhold Quillen rquillen@ozemail.com.au
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 08:59:46 +1000

Thanks Jack,

Yes, I have knocked up a couple of COM servers in Python,
and its a breeze (I have always written COM/DCOM servers in C
in the past) - Mark's book, "Python Programming On Win32" is on
my must-buy list right after Xmas) compared to doing it in C.

Another excellent book I have come across is Andre' Lassa's
"Python Developer's Handbook" by Sams - it covers more or less
similar topics to "Programming Python, 2nd ed.), but it is
about half the price - well worth reading and keeping by your side.

I have done about twelve months of work in Perl, and it has
a place for certain things, but for systems development work,
which I specialize in, Python and C are definitely the way to go.


At 22:11 12/12/01 -0800, Jack Andrews wrote:
>--- Reinhold wrote:
> > One of the tasks I have set myself is to write a Python
> > wrapper library for the Dialogic IVR SDK kit (which
> > will allow Python to be used in writing applications for
> > IVR and CTI voice, fax and text-to-speech boards)
>sounds like a nice little project!
> > Having a Python interface library will make that sort of work a breeze,
> > as it will allow IVR boards to easily interface with databases, Corba
> > and DCOM services, web application servers (ZOPE) and any number
> > of other areas.
>Yup -- for corba -- look at omniORB (it has python bindings).  I thought
>fnorb was the ORB to use, but it isn't -- it's been dead for a while
>now -- DSTC won't open source it and there's noone at DSTC to maintain
>it.  But you've probably already looked at this.
>And with DCOM, we have our very own Mark Hammond who lives in Melbourne
>(and wrote the MCG scoreboard in python and another language).  Mark
>is the man who does most of the Windows specific stuff for Python.
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