[Python-au] Re: General question about Python use

Jack Andrews effbiae@yahoo.com
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 22:11:23 -0800 (PST)

--- Reinhold wrote:
> One of the tasks I have set myself is to write a Python
> wrapper library for the Dialogic IVR SDK kit (which
> will allow Python to be used in writing applications for
> IVR and CTI voice, fax and text-to-speech boards) 

sounds like a nice little project!

> Having a Python interface library will make that sort of work a breeze,
> as it will allow IVR boards to easily interface with databases, Corba
> and DCOM services, web application servers (ZOPE) and any number
> of other areas.

Yup -- for corba -- look at omniORB (it has python bindings).  I thought
fnorb was the ORB to use, but it isn't -- it's been dead for a while 
now -- DSTC won't open source it and there's noone at DSTC to maintain 
it.  But you've probably already looked at this.

And with DCOM, we have our very own Mark Hammond who lives in Melbourne
(and wrote the MCG scoreboard in python and another language).  Mark
is the man who does most of the Windows specific stuff for Python.


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