[Python-au] Assistance with Survey on the benefits of OO for Monash University

Martin Dick Martin.Dick@Infotech.monash.edu.au
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 16:05:52 +1000


I'm a PhD student in the School of Computer Science
and Software Engineering at Monash University and
I'm researching the benefits that Object Technology may 
bring to Australian software development organisations.

Part of the research involves surveying the users of
object technology to see why they adopted OT, what
benefits they expected and what benefits they've received
from its use.

As Python users, I'm hoping that you can contribute by
completing the survey. You can find the survey at:


Alternatively, if you email me at


I can send you a copy of the survey along with a
pre-stamped return envelope.

No data will be released that could identify any
individual participating in the survey and no commercial
use will be made of the data. All participants
will receive a copy of the research results.

thanks in advance

Martin Dick
PhD Student and Assistant Lecturer
School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Monash University