[Python-au] See Melbournites soon

Mark Hammond MarkH@ActiveState.com
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 16:49:28 +1000

It looks like I should be there at around 7:40 - I intend taking the train
which will get me to Flinders St at around 7:25 - Connex trains and my
navigational abilities not withstanding!

I am actually catching this train from Holmesglen - here is hoping the
drivers have now learnt how to stop at that station - especially when
another train is already there :-)

I will almost certainly have dark jeans and a black demim jacket on.  I
still can't bring myself to wear that .NET tshirt, or any of the Python
tshirts, and I have no idea what is clean at the moment :-)

One more time:
> For those who get lost easily:


The entrance is actually off Little Collins St, down some little lane
that joins up with Burke St.  I don't know the name of the lane (Russell
Pl?) but it is very close to 190 Little Collins.  [Fiona will] take my
if anyone is close but can't quite find it they can call 0402 209 505


See you there...